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Nairn Ward Discretionary Resilience Fund Open

Added at 09:34 on 25 February 2021

The Nairn Ward Community Resilience Fund is open for applications:

Have you formed a group or are you a member of a group supporting your community in response to the Covid 19 pandamic?  Apply now for funding to support your group's efforts.  Grants available up to £1500.  
For more information, including links to the application form and guidance on applying for a grant, read on!
Supporting Community Resilience - The Ward Discretionary Budget

The current Ward Discretionary Fund has been increased to help support covid-19 related community resilience efforts across our communities.

Who can apply:

The fund is open to all groups within a local area – both constituted and non-constituted.  This recognises that we have a number of new groups who have emerged to support covid-19 related resilience efforts.  Groups are encouraged to register with the Council and Highland Third Sector Interface if they have not already done so. 

What is the fund for:

To support covid-19 related community resilience efforts where a group has identified an ability to provide an essential service to vulnerable people locally. 

The focus is on covid-19 related community activity and must be on supporting emergency food, supplies and vulnerable individuals.  Examples of support could include:

  • supporting local volunteer efforts and expenses
    • developing promotional materials
    • support for local volunteer telephone systems
  • making up food packs for vulnerable households
  • developing measures to address social isolation
  • providing a source of funding to enable groups to shop for individuals in the community where households no longer have cash available and they cannot source local deliveries

How much can be applied for:

Groups can apply for up to £1,500 at any one time.  Groups can reapply once initial funding is spent.

Evidence of spend:

Groups are asked to provide a short summary of how the funding has been used.  An application for further funding cannot be made until this is provided.  Groups do not have to provide receipts/evidence of spend but are asked to retain these for submission if requested.

How to apply:

Applications are through the normal Nairn ward discretionary grant process and should be sent to the Ward Manager,

For guidance on completing the application form click on the link below:

For the application document click on the following link:

The managers of the fund are happy to give advice so don’t assume that you have to know all the criteria.  They will proactively respond to any initial request and make sure, if it’s at all possible, that your application is shaped appropriately. 

For a copy of the document containing most of the information found on this page click here