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Nairn West & Suburban Community Council

What's new? Inner Moray Firth Development Plan Consultation
  • The Sandown consultation and NWSCC's response has moved to the Consultations Menu. Branches of pink blossom in front of upward looking view of a stone church spire
  • The Nairn Ward Discretionary Resilience Fund is open for applications. See the link on the right side of this page for more information on criteria and how to apply.
  • The community consultation on the Inner Moray Firth Developement plan is open for comment until 1st April 2021.  This will shape the future of Nairn for some time to come so to have your say either let us know your thoughts through Contact Us, or submit your comments directly to Highland Council.   Information on the consultation and how to comment is in the article below.
  • Nairn Community Spa & Lido are consulting the community on the proposal for a Spa & Lido in Nairn. For quick access to their press release click on the Spa & Lido Consultation link to the right side of this page.  Or go to News - March 21

Shape Nairn's Future: Inner Moray Firth Development Plan Review Consultation now Open

Added at 21:55 on 16 February 2021

Get involved and give your view on the 'Inner Moray Firth 2 Main Issues Report'  Help shape ...