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Nairn West & Suburban Community Council

Fort Reay Pre-Planning Presentation at May 2022 NWSCC Meeting

Graham Stuart

Added at 14:42 on 31 May 2022

A well-attended NWSCC meeting last night, maybe boosted by the Fort Reay pre-planning presentation from Andrew Bayne, link here…. There was a constructive discussion on the topic. The project team was commended on the process: timely, transparent and consultative. There were nods of agreement that this the type of development (low density housing!) could be looked upon favorably in Nairn in 'normal' times. But, Concerns were raised about infrastructure - the narrow access road, the sewage system at its limits and drainage next to Alton Burn. Also, the proposal's timing as the community contends with large scale developments in the IMFDP will likely influence levels of Nairn's support.